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Magnum Overview

The GreenSpeed Magnum which was introduced in 2012 has been one of our best selling trikes. It builds on over twenty years of designing and building the world’s best touring trikes, with the prototype being tested climbing the Himalayas. See video.

The Magnum has a large number of features which make it particularly easy and enjoyable to ride. The cross member is Ved back to allow the rider to get their legs closer to the seat, which is adjustable for height, to make entry and exit easy. The seat is also adjustable for angle, so you can choose the amount of recline which is the most comfortable for you. The frame folds and all wheels have quick releases, so it is easy to transport.

The Magnum is designed to take riders up to 400 lbs, so it is very strong, yet is made from 7005 aluminium alloy, so it is not a heavy machine. With its large Big Apple tyres, high ground clearance, and wide range of gears, it is equally at home offroad as it is on the road.

The seat was designed by a chiropractor, and has built in suspension and ventilation, which with the balloon tyres, will give you a comfortable ride. Plus the famous GreenSpeed steering geometry and the oversize brakes, make steering and braking effortless.

Easy Crossover Steering Geometry

Unlike many trikes which use “direct” steering, the Magnum uses the GreenSpeed “crossover” steering which makes the steering much easier, due to the leverage in the linage, and the fact that one is using one’s biceps, rather than one’s wrists or the smaller muscles in one’s arms.Plus it gives superior Ackermann compensation, reducing tyre scrub and drag. And unlike the bushes or bike head set bearings used in some trikes, the Magnum uses industrial ball races for the kingpin bearings, giving low friction, long life, and ease of replacement.

Testing both in the GreenSpeed lab, and by other companies has shown the rolling resistance of a trike wheel does not increase until the wheel is tilted more than 10 degrees from the vertical. Thus to increase the track for stability, without increasing the width of the trike, to make sure the tyre, and not the axle, will touch the bollard, gate post or door way, 1st, and to counter tyre distortion during cornering, the wheels on the Magnum are cambered inwards at 5 degrees.

Finally, the steering geometry incorporates NSR, Negative Scrub Radius. This ensures that if the rider uses only one front brake, like braking for a corner, while hand signally with the other hand, the natural tendency for the trike to turn around the braked wheel is compensated by the steering geometry turning the steering in the opposite direction, so that the trike continues in a straight line. This happens so subtly and so seamlessly that the rider is unaware of the correction.

Drum Braking Benifits

While many trikes use disc brakes, and we used to offer both discs and drums, we have found that for trikes, drums offer a number of advantages. Firstly they are much easier to adjust, with only the cable adjustment being required, instead of having to fiddle the awkward pad alignment, as well as the pad to rotor clearance. Then as the lining area is much larger, the brake wear is very much less, making the need for adjustments far fewer, and linings (pads/shoes) are practically everlasting.

Plus the drums make wheel removal so much easier, by allowing push button release. And while most of the drum is enclosed by the wheel, the disc brake rotor and the caliper are right out in the airstream, and wind tunnel testing has shown the disc brakes have more drag. Then, finally the new 90 mm drums, 1st used on the Magnum, are more powerful than many disc brakes, plus the modulation is better.

Chiropractic Seating

One of the secrets of the superior ride of Greenspeed trikes is in the seat. The seat was designed by a chiropractor so that it gives both lumbar and shoulder support. Human beings are similar to car engines in that they are only about 30% efficient, so that in putting out 100 watts to propel a trike at some speed, there is over 200 watts of heat to be dissipated, thus the seat has an open weave fabric to allow a cool ride in summer. It is laced to the seat frame with sock cord so that it will confirm to the shape of your back, plus it will insulate you from road shock. To further improve the suspension in the seat, the seat frame on the Magnum has been anodized, instead of powder coated as on the earlier GTO, so that the fabric will slide over it easier, and the finish will last longer.

The seat is attached at the front by a quick release which has 4 alternative slots, and at the rear by two telescopic struts, also with Q/Rs, giving a range of height adjustment from 13 to 18 inches, and a range of angle adjustment from 30 to 48 degrees. Thus while the higher seat will provide a better view, and easier entry and exit, the lower seat angle will provide more comfort for some, with better stability and road holding. Adjustable headrests are also available.

Wheels & Gearing

The alloy wheel rims on the Magnum are double walled and eyeleted with 36 stainless steel spokes for strength. The tyres are Schwalbe Big Apple, 20” x 2.0”. Despite their size they are a lightweight tyre which are designed to run at 35 to 70 psi, and have very low rolling resistance. They can be used at 70 psi on smooth roads, and 35 psi off road.

A 52/39/30 triple crankset is used on the front with a 9/34 nine speed cassette at the rear, giving 27 gear combinations, but more importantly a wide gear range of 528%, from 18 inches in bottom to 95 in top. Making it possible to both climb mountains, and to have a high speed on the road. If an ever greater gear range, and less maintenance is desired, then the dropouts and cable guides have been fitted to take the German 14 speed Rohloff rear hub and the Swiss Schlumpf Mountain Drive which will give a whopping range of 1250%. The infinitely variable Nu Vinci drive, has also been a popular fitment. Used with the Mountain Drive, it gives a range of 950%.

Uses & Accessories

The Magnum is one of the most versatile trikes ever built. It is in use by riders from as small as 100 lbs to as large as 400 lbs. It will suit riders with an x-seam from 40 to 50 inches or from about 5’ 3” to 6’ 7” in height. It is equally at home doing a transcontinental tour, as it is commuting, popping down to the milk bar to pick up some bread, or just exercising and having fun outdoors. The optional, specially designed pannier rack has been hailed as one of the best available. Made from high strength aluminium alloy tubing, weighing less than ½ lb, but rated at 88 lbs, it with stood the standard vibration test for bicycle, of 100,000 cycles with a 40 kg load instead of the standard 25kg load. See test report.

Another popular accessory is the accessory posts. These posts clamp to the kingpins and hold mirrors, grab handles to ease entry and exit, accessory mounts for computer, GPS etc., plus front fenders for wet climates. See accessory pages.

See Accessory page or for more information contact Greenspeed USA or Greenspeed Australia.

GreenSpeed – Changing Lives

"My Name is Peter James, a 62 year old disabled man diagnosed in Oct 1995 with Multiple Sclerosis. MS is an insidious incurable autoimmune disease affecting the central nerve system. With a rapid decline in mobility and associated health issues forced me to early retirement at age 54 in Jan 2006.

I have secondary progressive MS, T2 Diabetes and Osteoporosis. Gradually I became obese through a sedentary life style and increasing disability from the ravages of MS".

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Frame Aluminium Alloy 7005 Folding
Width 36” – 91 cm
Length 75 to 84” 189 to 214 cm
Height 31” – 79 cms
Seat Height 14 to 18” – 35 to 45 cm
Seat Angle 30 to 48 degrees
Crank Height 14 to 16” – 36 to 40 cm
X-seam range 44 to 54” – 112 to 138 cm *
Ground Clearance 6.5” – 16 cm
Turning Circle 13 feet – 4.0 m
Track 33.5” – 85 cm
Wheelbase 45”- 115 cm
Front Wheels 20” Alloy rims with Stainless Steel Spokes & push button Q/R
Rear Wheels 20” Alloy rim with Stainless Steel Spokes & Q/R
Tires 20" X 2.0" (51-406) Schwalbe Big Apple, 35 to 70 psi
Gears 27 speed
Cranks Shun SS-ZO-300 52/42/30 x 165 mm
Cassette 9 speed 11/34
Front Derailleur Micro Shift
Rear Derailleur Shimano
Chain YBN S9
Shifters Shimano Dura Ace 9 speed Bar End
Gear Range 18 to 95” – 528%
Brakes Sturmey Archer 90 mm drums
Standard Equipment Rear mudguard, safety flag
Optional Extras Mirror, head rest, front mudguards, luggage rack
Rider weight Limit 450 lbs – 200 kg
Luggage Weight Limit 88lbs – 40 kg
Trike Weight 44 lbs – 20kg
Boxed Size 39 x 31x 20” – 98 x 79 x 50 cm
$3,490Find a Dealer near you ORDER MAGNUM NOW For more info Contact us

4460 40th St E Grand Rapids
MI, 49512, USA.

Phone: 800-945-9910


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