Accessories for the Magnum
Accessories for the Magnum
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Accessories for the Magnum

Most of the accessories made for the Greenspeed GT and GTO trikes will fit the Magnum, although there are a number of exceptions. Descriptions and photos follow. Please click on the thumbnails for larger photos.

  • Accessory clamp, long post, and mirror

    The GT Series II MIRROR/ACCESSORY clamps will fit the Magnum kingpin posts, and should be used with the longer (230 mm) GTO mirror/accessory posts. The kingpin inclination on the Magnum, is 22 degrees, V 24 degrees the Series II GT1, GT3, and GT5, thus the mirror posts will sit 2 degrees more upright than on the GTs, at 12.5 degrees to the vertical. The small kingpin clamp should be removed before fitting the larger accessory clamp. The clamp should fitted close to the wheel, and with the side facing up which has the greatest distance between the two holes as show below. This mirror post is designed to accept the Mirrycle mirror, as shown.

  • Grab handle on post with mirror

    To aid getting in and out of the trike, the Greenspeed (GS) bar end type "GRAB HANDLES" also work perfectly with accessory posts on the Mangum, and the mirrors can be remounted in the ends of the Grab Handles, as shown below. The Grab Handles and/or mirrors can be fitted on either or both sides, depending on personal requirements.


    The tag on the top of the front derailleur post is designed to accept direct mounting lights as used with dynamo systems, so we also make a LIGHT MOUNT which attaches to the tag to accept the handle bar mounting lights, as used by many battery light systems. These can be used singularly or in pairs to mount double head lights, as shown below. 1st remove the front reflector, and then the light mount can be fixed with the Allen screw. To fit two, 1st put the screw inside one mount, and then thread it through the tag and screw it in to the other mount. A tail light can be mounted directly on the rear seat cross stay, or on the adjustable seat stays.

  • Mounting computer or GPS

    Mounting mudguards.


    Another handy GS accessory, is the COMPUTER MOUNT. And for the Magnum, this accessory has been upgraded and strengthened from the TWIST GRIP MOUNT we were using for the GTO Touring Trike and GTT Tandem Touring Trike, to take the SRAM DualDrive three speed hub twist grip shifter. So this in now called the ACCESSORY MOUNT and it has been especially modified to mount the front mudguards (FRONT FENDERS) on the Magnum, so that it suits the camber of the front wheels. However it is longer than the computer mount, so it will also suit various GPS units, and can be used in a variety ways, both on the ACCESSORY POSTS and on the LIGHT MOUNTS as shown below.

    For detailed front mudguard fitting instructions, click here.

  • Headrest pack, and headrest mounted.

    Greenspeed HEADREST

    The standard GT/GTO/GTT Greenspeed HEADREST, designed for the 3/4" Cro Mo seat tubes can also be used with the Magnum 1" alloy seat tubes with the addition of two sizing sleeves available from Greenspeed dealers. When fitting the head rest, make sure that threads of the fixing bolt are greased, and that the fixing wedge is inside the split sleeve. The head rest is adjustable both up and down and fore and aft, and is designed to fit the nape of your neck, so that it does not interfere with a helmet. Plus they have have flag mounts, as the arms block the seat flag mounts. New Magnum specific headrests, with larger diameter alloy tubing were be available from June, 2012.


    Cro Mo 4130 LUGGAGE RACKS for the Magnum were available from MAY 2012. These racks will fit the M6 dropout eyes, and attach to the Q/R clamps on the seat stays, using longer screws. They are rated at 40 kg, or 88 lbs. Other GS racks will not fit. Special alloy Magnum racks with 1/2" tubing and same weight rating were available from December 2012. More information on Magnum racks and fitting instructions on the Cro Mo racks here.

  • Greenspeed Chain Gobblers

    Greenspeed Chain Gobblers made especially for the Magnum trikes are now available. These Chain Gobblers are a special device which automatically adjusts the chain length as the crank extension is moved in or out to adjust for different leg lengths. This is useful if there are people with different leg lengths who want to ride the same trike. They are particularly useful for dealers, as what used to take 10 minutes to adjust the chain length for different riders, can now be done in less than ten seconds!

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