Magnum Mudguard Fitting Instructions
Magnum Mudguard Fitting Instructions
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Magnum Mudguard Fitting Instructions

The front mudguards (fenders) for the Magnum are a GreenSpeed accessory made especially for GreenSpeed trikes with 20″ wheels – the GTO, GTT, Magnum, etc.. They consist of the mounting brackets and the mudguards themselves, which are a black, durable plastic, and are similar to the 16″ mudguards made for the GT and and X- Series trikes. The mudguards are attached to the brackets with three M5 button head stainless steel cap screws and self locking nuts. To mount them on the Magnum, you will require a pair of mirror post clamps, two mirror posts, and two Magnum Accessory Mounts. These Accessory Mounts take the place of the Grab Handles used for mounting the mudguards on the other 20″ wheeled GreenSpeed trikes like the GTT Tandem Trike which have the front wheels vertical. Thus the Magnum accessory mounts allow for the 5 degree camber of the Magnum front wheels, and will also work with the X – Series trikes to mount the 16″ mudguards. For larger resolution photos, just click on the photos below.

To fit the mirror posts, if they are not already fitted, 1st remove the kingpin clamp:

  • Then fit the mirror post clamp with the widest web between the two holes up, so that the mirror post will sit more vertical than the kingpin:

  • Then fit the mirror post:

  • Followed by the Magnum Accessory Mount:

  • And then the mudguard:

  • Note that the angle of the mudguard to the wheel in the vertical plane can be adjusted by rotating the clamp rearwards around the kingpin, and in the horizontal plane by rotating the Accessory Mount around the post. The mudguard can also moved up and down on the post, and and in and out on the Accessory Mount. Finally the mirror can be mounted on top of the post:

  • Also note that the mudguards should be positioned well clear of the tyres to allow for mud and stone clearance as shown:

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